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Hello, and thank you for visiting! Kinship is a play-by-post roleplaying game which utilizes Boards2Go for posting and Discord for announcements. This site first launched under Beta Version 1 on November 26th, 2019; our second beta dropped April 12, 2020; and this, our third and (we hope!) final beta opened August 16th, 2020. This is considered a stable beta, meaning most things are pretty set now and massive changes will be minimal.

About this version!

Kinship is set in an isolated island country on a fantasy planet; it is a mixed-genre and mixed-era environment featuring magic, mythical creatures, and advanced tech. There are two races to pick from - either the shapeshifting, magic-wielding Beasts or the politically powerful, technology-adept humans - which each come with a supernatural companion, Shades for Beasts or Spirits for humans. There are tons of character development options; various opportunities to explore and experience the world; and the ability to forever leave your mark on the site through discoveries, feedback, and in-game participation! Learn more about what we have to offer by clicking "Enter!" above; if you like what you see please make sure to bookmark this page as all future layouts will link from here. :)

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