Kinship is a fantasy play-by-play roleplaying game deliberately set up to be more accessible to players who may be busy in real life and/or play at other RPGs. We aim to create a chill, no pressure environment while still offering some super fun RPG elements people can have fun with on their own time. We are very open to brand new players to the community and welcome anyone who wants to learn and have fun. Since we are putting a large focus on freedom and community, our advertising will be minimal and most people will find us by recommendations by our current players; this means our playerbase will likely stay small, but the owner, Signe, will always be happy to provide you with plenty of opportunities for fun! :)

Need help or have questions, concerns, or feedback? Ping Signe on Discord or email her at!

So, what's happening here?

Kinship is set on a planet of the same name, which has yet to be fully explored! We will make discoveries; visit new places; encounter new people; build our knowledge base through player submissions, feedback, quests, occasional site-wide activities; and much more. For now, our adventures will be focused on the island country of Ognos ("the land of the wolf"); as one might expect, Ognos is home to canid shapeshifters of all shapes and sizes and there will be lots of opportunities to create truly unique characters! This version will be relatively laid-back, with a focus on getting to know the game, its mechanics, and our characters.

Get a grasp on the basics and start your adventure by visiting the Get Started section, or take a deep dive into the known world by visiting the Lexicon; don't forget to join our Discord for even more fun!

If you are a legacy player from Kinship's "spiritual predecessor", Revelations, or a past or present player at our mother site, Shaman, please stop by this page for some information and special opportunities.

Site Statistics

We have been open since Nov 27, 2019 and are currently home to 2 players.
They are playing 3 characters and 2 Expressed Keepers.
2 characters have discovered their Taim.
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Welcome to Kinship!

Signe joined November 27th!
Cleopatra Sky (Signe) joined November 27th!
Cleopatra discovered her Keeper, Tuvi the African Elephant, on November 27th!

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