Welcome to


Beta Version 2.0

Thank you for visiting! Please bookmark this current page (http://kinshiprpg.com/) as all future layouts will link from here.
You can check out our current version here (http://kinshiprpg.com/beta2)!

Please note that we aren't quite done with our overhaul; the site launched in November, but this version has changed up a ton of stuff to make the site more approachable. Our current version is also a Beta version, meaning some features may be subject to change. Make your voice known by participating in our polling or submitting feedback on the Inbox!

Everything has been completed except:
  • Character Profiles - nearly done!
  • Talents Database - started!
  • Mini Games Systems - started!
  • Currency & Marketplace revisions
  • Careers revisions
  • Prompts revisions

  • Expected completion date: mid-April 2020 (if not before!)

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