Frequently Asked Questions!

This page will provide you with answers to questions that your fellow players have already voiced! If you have something you think should be addressed on this page, feel free to let us know on the Inbox Board (under Out of Character).

General Questions

  1. What is "Kinship"?
    Answer: Kinship is the name of this site, as well as the name of the planet on which this game takes place! Kinship (also shortened to "Kin") is a player-by-post roleplaying game focused on canid shapeshifters and divine-infused animals called Keepers. You can learn more about the game and the world by checking out the other Lexicon topics!

  2. What is a "character"?
    Answer: There are basically two types of characters in Ognos: "player characters" (AKA "PCs" or simply "characters") and "non-player characters" (NPCs). Player characters are shifters or Keepers that you, the player, control while Non-Player Characters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as monsters, deities, shifters & Keepers, and more! You can learn more about NPCs here!

  3. What staff does Kinship have?
    Answer: Our admin team has a slightly different setup from traditional ones. Our current set up is:
    - The Owner, Signe.
    Signe will be responsible for most updates, maintaining hosting/site layouts, implementing versions, and in general keeping the place alive and around for when others have time.
    - Senior Pack Members.
    These people are sort of like admins but with more freedom. They are trusted members of Kinship and the RPG community who are welcome - but not expected - to perform any updates they have the time/energy/interest to complete. They will have full access to boards, main site pages, databases, etc. and free reign to generate quests, events, and finalize catalysts. This means at any time, one of them can grab and complete an update so when you do have time to play you won’t get stuck waiting for your goodies, next steps, etc.! SPM will even be able to do most updates for themselves - we only ask that you have randomized aspects generated by another member (ANY member) because we know it’s way more fun to get something special/unexpected! :)
    - Pack Members.
    Valued players and friends! PMs are slightly more limited in their access to boards and pages, but will be given lots of opportunities to host their own events and quests, and even give out prizes for others! Most players will begin here at the start of the game. :)
    - Newcomers.
    Newcomers are brand new to Kinship and possibly the entirety of roleplaying! These people are designated specially so that we can spend more time helping them with things like game mechanics, writing tips or tricks, coding, etc. Newcomers will have the same capabilities as PMs, but will need to have a PM, SPM, or the owner double-check their ideas before posting (this is just to make sure that items/events stay within the lore, are balanced/fair, etc.

  4. How are you making Kin more accessible for busy people? (Submitted by Finch)
    Here are a few ways that we’ll be making Kinship more accessible to people who are busy with real-life commitments and/or who are active at another site without much time to spare:
    • First, we’ll be making sure to “advertise” that this is a secondary RPG; our actual advertising will be very minimal and we’ll rely more on word of mouth from current players, but we’ll be making it very clear throughout the site that this is a place for people who may not be able to post consistently/frequently so that everyone comes to the game with that in mind.
    • We’ll hold a census poll every half-quarter and/or around sitewide events, but responses are not mandatory and will not affect your characters, items, banks, etc. in any way. It will more or less be a way for admin to get an idea of who is around and ready to participate so we can make sure that goals, events, etc. are set up appropriately (i.e. if there are only 3 people around at the moment, we wouldn’t post an event requiring 5 people participate before we can move on).
    • Most quests, events, and activities will be open-ended, without major timing restrictions or requirements. In other words, whether you complete a quest in 1 day or 6 months - or longer - you’ll still get the same rewards as anyone else! Advanced notice will be given before an event is closed to NEW participation, but anyone who replied and said they want to participate will have unlimited time to complete their task(s). We will also ensure that these tasks are for personal development/growth/reward, meaning you’ll NEVER have to feel bad for “holding someone/something up”.
    • We have Discord posting channels! This means that even if you only have ten minutes to spare, you can still be creative, engage with friends, and further your personal development plots and goals!

  5. What is this site's rating?
    Answer: We have a 312 rating through the RPG Rating system. In short, we allow reasonable swearing and mature language; mild sexual innuendo and references ("fade to black") but no explicit sexual content; and explicit violence; you can learn more about what we do and do not allow in our Site Guidelines.

Character Questions

  1. How do I create a character?
    Answer: To create a character, read through our Guidelines and Information pages under the "Get Started" portion of our navigation menu. Once you're done with that, click "Joining" to get started! If you are new to play-by-post roleplaying, have any questions about characters or the site in general, or are in need of help please feel free to reach out to the owner, Signe, or any other member of the site for assistance (especially Senior Pack Members!). We hope you will enjoy learning to roleplay here! <3

  2. Is there a character limit?
    Answer: Nope! You will also never be pressured because you "don't have enough" or "have too many" characters! We encourage our players to have as many characters as they have the time and muse for, be that one or one hundred! :D

  3. Is there a minimum amount of activity required for each character?
    Answer: Nope! Kinship was specifically designed for people who may be busy in real life and/or have other commitments (such as to a primary RPG). We fully understand that it might be days, weeks, or months in-between posts and players can come and go as they please! If you're going to be away for an extended time and that is unusual for you we do ask that you post in our #notices Discord channel when you have time just so we don't worry!

  4. I made a character, but I don't feel like playing them anymore. What should I do?
    Answer: We've all been there before! If you're no longer interested in playing a character, or your character has reproduced and you don't want to play the offspring, you have a few options! You can...
    • Request a quest or activity. It's totally normal to encounter a writing block or feel like you've lost connection with a particular character, especially after a long break or real life events; sometimes participating in a new event or quest can help you bring back your character. Please reach out to Signe to ask for something if you feel that it might help get you going again!

    • Revamp your character. There are TONS of items in the Marketplace that can help you edit your character, so don't be afraid to go wild with your changes. If you don't have enough money to what you want, or if you want help coming up with what changes to make, contact Signe. :)

    • Retire the character. The character will remain in the database but will be marked as retired. You can also retire your character by sending them "on a journey" to other places in the world! This means no other player can take over the character and everyone will be aware that the character is no longer available to post with. You can bring your character back from retirement at any point simply by posting on the Updates board!

    • Permanently end the character. Players are welcome to formulate any plots they want, and that includes killing your character off in a suitably dramatic (or non-dramatic) way! Once you have completed any relevant posts you wish to complete, or if you have made the firm decision to end the character), please post on Updates. An admin will put their status as "Dead". Depending on the circumstances in which your character was killed/disappeared, you may be able to revive them through a special Revival/Resurrection Quest or by purchasing an item.

    • Make the character's status "Playerless". If you have a character you aren't attached to, have no plans for, and no longer care to play, you can request that we change their status in the Database to "Playerless". This means that they are available "as-is" to anyone in the Revelations community; Playerless characters can be adopted at any time by simply posting on the Updates board. Any player can "adopt" a Playerless character and continue playing the character as they see fit. Playerless adoptions are considered permanent, and you will have no control over the direction of that character once they have been adopted.

    • Request an adoption. If you have a character that is important to you but you don't have the time to play, or would like to see it played by someone else, you can post him or her up for adoption on the Chat Board. Provide as much detail about the character as possible and include information on any requirements or requests you may have. Please try to keep these reasonable; a player needs to have the ability to make the character their own or they won't have any fun with it! For example, if you were to put a character up for adoption and they are a sibling of your character, you are totally able to request threads and certain events/plots, but you should leave room for the new player to build on and develop the sibling into a unique character! Please note that adoptions are considered permanent in almost all situations, however, we may be willing to discuss returning the character to the original player on a case-by-case basis. For example, if the player of your character's sibling has disappeared completely for an extended time and you would like to take them back in order to continue growing them, admin will attempt to make contact with the new player. If they do not hear back within seven (7) days, the character will be returned to you. We largely advise that you don't put a character up for adoption unless you are 100% ready and willing to give them up permanently, though!

    • Make them an NPC. Your character can be added to the NPC Database at your request simply by posting on the Updates. You may also elect to make that character available for adoption or not from there!

  5. Can my character come from somewhere other than Ognos?
    Answer: Yes! There are basically three different origins for your characters: native Ognos resident; Outsider, from a different country on the nearby continent (Kire); or Traveler, from another time/place/universe. While characters can come from anywhere, the transition to Ognos will change them - and for some, these changes will be extensive. All characters will become Ognoshu from one of the three bloodlines (unless you've purchased special items/permissions for other shifting species) and they will lose access to any unique magic or powers they originally had, though you may select Talents.

  6. Can my character's homeworld know about Ognos?
    Answer: Sure! Shaman and Earth fairies in particular will have full access to the world and can even visit for up to one week at a time using the Hop Loop items available for purchase from Shaman's shops. Ognos is also aware of the existence of other worlds but lacks the ability to visit them - for now - so they might have some limited knowledge about the specifics of other places, like Earth, especially if they've talked a lot with Travelers from that place.

  7. Can I have a faceclaim or canon character?
    Answer: While you can reference models, actors, etc. when describing a character's appearance, we have no official faceclaim database. We also feel it is important to be respectful of the intellectual property of other authors and screenwriters, and do not allow direct copies of canon characters. For example, it's completely fine to have a character that is "like Harry Potter" from J.K. Rowling's universe, but we would not permit the creation of a direct copy of Harry Potter exactly as he is in the books or movies. Of course, there will definitely be some overlap when it comes to things like myths and legends (because of the Keepers) and that's totally okay!

  8. What if I want to play as a non-shapeshifter?
    Answer: You can purchase some unique options and features for your characters, including permanent or temporary "locks" on shifting, from the Marketplace! If you're not seeing what you'd like, just contact Signe or a SPM for special permissions - you will likely need to complete a quest or another objective to unlock what you're looking for. :)

  9. Are there any limits on origin stories for natives?
    Answer: Not really! You can create characters from any of the six Ruling class families; any Noble families of your own creation, or those created by the admin (you may only join player-established families with the original creator's permission); Gentry; or Commoners. We also have numerous characters, including Royalty, available for adoption, and are open to discussing new, player-created Royalty if people are interested. We are not permitting you to "monopolize" a specific aspect and limit others in their joining ideas, though. For example, your character can absolutely come from a prominent line of warriors, but they can't be from the ONLY family of warriors, or be the ONLY prominent line! Another example is that your character can come from a line of well-known hunters, but can't be the ONLY family of hunters or the "all around, all time best hunters in all of Ognos and no one can dispute it!!". Your character can absolutely think that their family is the best and most well-known, but just know the site will recognize anyone who wishes to make such a history for their character and will not put any person's character above another in this way. Also, there is no guarantee that NPCs and other player characters will always recognize their "claims to fame".

  10. My character does not have a last name, what should I do?
    Answer: If you are bringing in a character from another universe that does not have a surname culture, you may either select one for them or use the last name "Nonem". This name identifies an individual as a Traveler, Outsider, orphan, or "lost/abandoned person" - family names are quite important to Ognoshu, so having "Nonem" would immediately mark them as "different" in a way that may not always be good. Remember, your character will need to use their full name in the Name portion of their posts, but can introduce themselves to other characters however they please!

  11. Can my character travel in-between worlds?
    Answer: At this time, characters must remain in Kinship at all times once they have arrived (with Shamanites returning home via Hop Loop being an exception) and will be unable to travel to other universes, times, and places except for when completing quests or events.

  12. Can my character's human form have a unique appearance?
    Answer: Yes! Not only do the three Bloodlines have different features, but you can also purchase unique aspects from the Marketplace. Just keep in mind that appearance is heavily associated with certain Bloodlines, so if you purchase neon green eyes for your Impure character, people may assume they are Plagued and naturally avoid them, and if you purchase something to hide your Pure character's ears and tail, people may whisper about how they have "Impure blood" somewhere in the line.

  13. Can my character shapeshift into multiple forms?
    Answer: Sure! Talents involving shapeshifting may fall under branches like Illusion, Animal-Based, or "Miscellaneous". Please note that even if your character can take other forms, at their heart they will always be Ognoshu (canid shifters) and will feel most at home in their canine - "True" - form.

  14. How do I get a Keeper?
    Answer: Check out the guide here! If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us via Discord or by posting on the Inbox board!

  15. What restrictions are there for Keepers?
    Answer: Each Expressed Keeper will have one animal form that can be any Earth creature except for canines, hyenas, & foxes. Their animal form is the more preferred/socially acceptable/comfortable one, but some do have an alternate humanoid (anthropomorphic) form. Most will be associated with a single god, hero, or legendary figure from ANY pantheon (any Earth pantheon, Knellan or Shaman gods, or custom/fictional pantheons) that you select, but they can be a blend of up to three - traditionally, the more divine beings used to create a Keeper, the weaker they are though! Their powers and appearance will usually correspond with an aspect of that/those deities - for example, an Aphrodite-themed Keeper may resemble a horse and have bright pink hearts on their cheeks, a red coat, and the ability to give off "pheromones" that make shifters more amorous. Keepers are immensely powerful beings with almost unlimited power, but they can only have up to 6 powers active at a time (which cannot include "Divinity") and cannot cause direct harm to any Ognoshu.

    Repressed Keepers are Keepers without a body. They reside in your character's mind and can be helpful, harmful, or mostly silent. It is up to your character if they would like to pull their Keeper free and unleash it on the world!

  16. Can I have multiple Keepers?
    Answer: At this time, each character may have only a single Keeper, but that Keeper could totally have a Duplication skill that splits or clones them!

  17. How do I get a Taim?
    Answer: Check out the guide here! If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us via Discord or by posting on the Inbox board!

  18. Can I have multiple Taim?
    Answer: At this time, each character may have only a single Taim, but it could totally have a Duplication feature that splits or clones it!

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