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  • Ampuni: Also called "Caseworkers" are non-infected individuals assigned to manage one or more Plagued person. This is typically assigned via lottery and anyone beneath Royalty may be assigned to a Paukup; some also take this as a full-time position overseeing many Plagued persons.
    Pronunciation: "am-poo-knee"
  • Animal Talents: Magical powers directly related to animals (including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish), either very specifically with a single type/species or more broadly.
  • Aomete: The youngest goddess of the Chinto, associated with day, merriment, and life. She represents the Present - the Civilized existence that the Ongnoshu now enjoy. She is considered "The Mother of the Modern Era".
    Pronunciation: "ay-oh-met-ee"
    Translation: Close to "Day Dancer"
  • Art Talents: Magical powers related to the arts, including writing, drawing, painting, acting, and music.
  • Arthropod Talents: Magical powers directly related to arthropods (including insects, arachnids, and crustaceans), either focused or broadly.

  • Baron or Baroness: The lowest rank of Nobility.
  • Birth Sign: Also called the Zodiac. This functions much like Earth's astrology - meaning your character can be as like, or as different from, their sign's description as you want. There are six signs: Raven (December & January); Owl (February & March); Cat (April & May); Bull (June & July); Lioness (August & September); Hyena (October & November).
  • Bones: This is the word we use for our in-game currency. Out of character, Bones are represented with a number preceded by a "B" and the word itself is usually capitalized to differentiate between the currency and actual bones. For example: B100 is 100 Bones. In character, they are represented by small gold pieces, hammered thin and cut into a stereotypical bone shape. There is a maker's mark which glows green when touched, imprinted across the coin to prevent counterfeiting.

  • Career: Any line of employment. Characters pursue a career by receiving formal training/education from a Guild.
  • Chancellor: Title given to a council member. Dukes & Duchesses in this position may be called "Chancellor" or "Your Grace" by others (they are considered equally polite/proper).
  • Common Tongue: Usually just called "Common" this is the most widely-used language in the world of Kinship. This language was born from a need to communicate to others outside of your own country/social group and was originally created by traders. This is basically just English from a world where England doesn't exist ;)
  • Commoners: The general population of Ognos and the lowest people (besides convicts & criminals) in the social hierarchy.
  • Consort: The spouse of the Emperor or Empress. The Consort, or "Maja" (beloved), holds no political power and will never inherit the throne.
  • Council: A grouping of six Dukes and/or Duchesses who are tasked with creating policies and laws for the country. Though they wield a lot of power, the Emperor or Empress has the final say and is the ultimate "tie-breaker".
  • Creation/Summoning Talents: Magical powers that involve creating or animating things like inanimate objects, including golems and dolls or the act of summoning something from another place.
  • Criminal: Relating to crime; someone who commits crimes and breaks laws; those who are members of the Thieves Guild and speak/understand the language of criminals, Ognoshu Rau.
  • Culinary Talents: Magical powers directly related to cooking, food production, or the senses, especially taste.

  • Defensive: Magical powers related to defending someone or something. They protect from, or drive away, harm.
  • Duchess (or Duke): The highest rank of the Ruling Class, there are 6 Dukes & Duchesses in Kinship at this time.
  • Dzoana: The middle Chinto goddess, representing balance. She represents the unknown and ever-changing Future - the endless possibilities both good and bad.
    Pronunciation: "zoh-ahn-ah"
    Translation: Close to "The Bridge"

  • Earl or Countess: The highest rank of Nobility.
  • Elemental Magic: Magic powers relating directly to the elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or Spirit, either broadly or focused on a single element.

  • Gentry: This is a general term for any certified professional. They are often referred to as Sir or Dame but may also elect to use a career-oriented title.
  • Godmodding: Portraying a character as all-seeing, all-knowing, or all-powerful. This is permitted here at Kinship in a very minor sense: characters can be remarkably strong, and they may think they are all-powerful, but that doesn't mean they actually are!.
  • Guild: An order of individuals in the same or similar careers.
  • Guildhall: The meeting place for those belonging to a guild. There is typically a central Guildhall in major cities, such as the capitol, and smaller halls in villages and towns throughout Ognos.
  • Guildmaster: An individual who oversees a specific guild. They have a variety of duties, among the most important are acquiring new talent and accepting new individuals into their guild. Information on the duties of Guildmasters can be found here.
  • Guildsman or Guildswoman: This is a general title given to, and used by, any member of a guild. Alternatively, the gender-neutral term "Guildmember" may be used. Information on the duties of a Guildmember can be found here.

  • Healing Talents: Magical powers that treat illnesses and injuries, speed healing, ease pain, and restore strength.
  • Huxu: The firstborn goddess of night, battle, and death. She represents the Past, when Ongnoshu did not have the ability to change shape - the Wildness that still exists within the hearts of the Ongnoshu - and is equal parts respected and feared.
    Pronunciation: "huck-soo"
    Translation: Close to "Night Singer"

  • Imperial Prince (or Princess): This title identifies the firstborn child (or chosen heir) of the monarch.
  • Impure: Also called "Myeen" in the native tongue, Impure shifters appear to be normal humans when shifted; they have normal hair and eye colors, like Earth humans. The Impure are the "average" citizens in Ognos and must rely more heavily on merit, intelligence, and the goodwill of their societal betters to increase their social and political rankings. They are not at a huge disadvantage, but he Pure definitely have a stronger advantage with more "perks".
    Pronunciation: "my-e-n"
  • In-Character (IC): Denotes an activity or task done by a character (as opposed to a player), and/or any post done from the perspective of your character.

  • Keepers: Also called "Neum", Keepers are believed to be extremely powerful demigods; aspects or pieces of a god; or even an actual living god. They are bound to a single Ognoshu for the duration of that individual's life, and which point they can either disappear ("die" along with them) or bond with a new Ognoshu. Some are bonded against their will.
    Pronunciation: "knee-oom"

  • Lady: Title to any female member of the Nobility or Ruling Class who do not stand to inherit. Also considered a polite way to address everyone below Duke/Duchess.
  • Lord: Title given to any male member of the Nobility or Ruling Class who do not stand to inherit. Also considered a polite way to address everyone below Duke/Duchess.

  • Manipulation Talents: Magical powers that manipulate behaviors, mental states, feelings, etc. in the user or others.
  • Marquess or Marchioness: The lowest rank of the Ruling Class, typically a title reserved for first sons or daughters of Dukes/Duchesses.
  • Metagaming: The use of Out of Character knowledge when posting In Character. This is not permitted here at Kinship. More information on this can be found on the Guidelines page under "Get Started".
  • Miscellaneous Talents: Magical powers that don't fit into the other categories for one reason or another.

  • Nobility: Those with titles, lands, and a responsibility to protect commoners. They stand between the Gentry class and the Ruling class in the social hierarchy.

  • Offensive Talents: Magical powers that cause harm to the user or others. Also called war talents.
  • Ognos: The island country on which this game is set!
    Pronunciation: "ahg-nose"
    Translation/Meaning: "The Island of the Wolf"
  • Ognoshu: Citizens of Ognos, and the name of their language. This is both singular and plural. Ex: you would say "a group of Ognoshu" not "Ognoshus"
    Pronunciation: "ahg-noss-shoo"
    Translation: "Of the Wolf"
  • Ognoshu Rau: The language of criminals.
    Pronunciation: "ahg-noss-shoo ra-ooh"
    Translation: Close to "[Language] of the Naughty [Wolf]"
  • Ognoshu Dentu:The language of the common class.
    Pronunciation: "ahg-noss-shoo den-too"
    Translation: Close to "[Language] of the Impure [Wolf]"
  • Ognoshu Deren: The language of Nobles.
    Pronunciation: "ahg-noss-shoo der-ehn"
    Translation: Close to "[Language] of the Pure [Wolf]"
  • Ognoshu Kihu: The language of the Ruling Class.
    Pronunciation: "ahg-noss-shoo key-hu"
    Translation: Close to "[Language] of the Perfect [Wolf]"
  • Ognoshu [Clan]: Languages specific to a particular Clan/family group. They are largely used by members of the Ruling Class in times where being overheard (be it by political opponents or even just the servants) is to be avoided.
  • Out of Character (OOC): Any post made while not assuming the identity of one of your characters. It is also used to denote an activity or task done by a player (as opposed to a character).

  • Plague: Plagues, also called "pauk", are magical afflictions that can cause the body and Talents of an Ognoshu to "mutate" and become "unnatural". They are often infectious in one way or another.
    Pronunciation: "pawk"
  • Plant Talents: Magical powers that relate to plants and the natural environment either broadly or specifically.
  • Plagued: Also called "Paukup" these are characters who were affected by the pauk, or plague(s). Plagues are commonly related to mythical beings found on Earth, such as vampires, zombies, and Japanese yokai, but can also be from player-created "races"; they are very freeform in terms of skills/features, appearances, etc.
    Pronunciation: "paw-cup"
  • Powerplaying: Controlling the actions, thoughts, etc. of a character that is not your own. This is permitted here at Revelations in only a minor sense, and only with permission from that character's player. More information on this can be found under Guidelines.
  • Pure: Also called "Yeul" in the native tongue, Pure shifters retain aspects of their canine-selves in their human shapes, commonly their canine ears, tails, eyes, and pelt (hair) colors. Some, the "most Pure", may also retain blunt, strong nails/claws and fangs. They are commonly nobles and high-ranking officials, and their animalistic traits are considered very desirable in society.
    Pronunciation: "yee-ool"

  • Specialized: A person who has six or more Talents from a specific branch.
  • Sudden Acquirement: The sudden development of knowledge and/or items. This is permitted in a limited sense and should be done with discretion. More information on this can be found under Guidelines.
  • Support Talents: Magical powers that bolster allies and Keepers, making them braver, stronger, smarter, more resilient, or faster for a limited time.

  • Taim: Magical objects, usually weapons or tools, with "personality" and special features. Most Ognos residents find their Taim by the age of ten.
    Pronunciation: "tame"
  • Talent: Magical powers, often broken into a specific category or categories; characters with six or more Talents from a particular branch are considered Specialized.
  • Time/Energy/Space Talents: Magical powers that relate to the understanding or manipulation of time and energy; for example, Seers and Oracles are usually Specialized in this branch.

  • Viscount or Viscountess: A middle-range rank of Nobility, above a Baron/Baroness but below an Earl/Countess.

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