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This page is an all around guide to the animals of Ognos - Keepers & Pets!

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What are Keepers?

  • Keepers, called "Neum" in native Ognoshu, are believed to be extremely powerful demigods; aspects or pieces of a god; or even an actual living god. Legend says that they were previously at war with one another, so Mother Space and Father Time - the creators of the universe, and parents of all gods on all worlds (at least, as Ognoshu believe) - punished them for their constant fighting, sending them to Kinship and making them the carers of the People.
  • Strict laws dictate how they interact with mortals/each other/the world. For example, Keepers cannot cause direct harm to a mortal. They could use their power to blast away rocks to clear a path, but couldn't blast away an Ognoshu.
  • While immensely powerful, Keepers can't summon something from nothing - what they seek to create or summon must exist somewhere else in Kinship. Many believe there is an element of equivalent exchange meaning if a Keeper were to turn a stone into a meal, elsewhere in the world a meal has become a stone.
  • Keepers can be EXPRESSED or REPRESSED:
    • REPRESSED Keepers have no magic; limited verbal skills (if any at all); and no physical form. If you wanted to play a character with two personalities in their head, or if you wanted one that doesn't know/acknowledge that they have a Keeper, you'd keep it Repressed. Repressed Keepers are very open, so feel free to get creative!
    • EXPRESSED Keepers are magically gifted; can communicate in at least one way (verbally, telepathically, etc.); and have a physical form. All Keepers have an animal form - some may also have an anthropomorphic/humanoid form but, at this time, it cannot resemble a fox or canine. If you wanted a "familiar" to pal around with your character, you'd make their Keeper Expressed. The appearance and magic of an Expressed Keeper should follow a "theme" based on any god or mix of any god(s); for example a Keeper based on Anubis may be a skeletal crested ibis with the power to manipulate bones.
    • Expressed Keepers can be based off of ANY god! This includes those from any Earth pantheon, player-created pantheons, and Shaman, Rev, and Kinship gods. This also includes legendary herores and historical figures like Hercules and the warrior-monk Benkei. While Keepers can also be a mix of up to three deities, it is traditionally believed that those Keepers with more "diluted" bloodlines are weaker.
  • A character with a Repressed Neum can pull it out to make it Expressed, but one with an Expressed Neum can't turn it into a Repressed - but it can be killed, with great difficulty. The only problem is Neum always resurrect eventually... and this time, with a grudge. Resurrected Keepers are usually blank slates OOCly; they can have a different appearance, personality, sex, and fill their magic slots again with different powers. They usually remember their past lives - and how they died - but amnesia does happen.

Keeper Levels

    • Level one is the introduction phase; unless they have been bonded with a previous Ognoshu who has since passed on, they have been force-matched with your character and some may be a little unhappy about it.
    • Keepers have been forced into the shape of any Earth animal, except canids or foxes.
    • They have 1 power slot + 1 Keeper power. They have 2 special appearance features; one of which can be an alternate anthropomorphic form.
    • To help solidify the bond, the Keeper will not be able to move more than about 5 feet away from their bonded. They possess the ability to communicate with others, but they may elect not to. They may struggle to form complete sentences telepathically, and may get worn out if forced to communicate in this manner for a long period of time. Telepathy takes time and energy to perfect, so it may be a good idea to work on it at least once or twice a day.
    • Keepers will usually be able to "read" their Ognoshu, meaning they can get a decent idea of their bonded's emotions and physical well-being; this ability is most strong when they can use other cues, such as scent, body language, and tone, to help them decipher what their bonded is feeling, but may be done over moderate distances. Their Ognoshu can usually get an idea of the status of their Keeper, but it will not usually be very clear or easy to decipher.
    • Level one Keepers are typically a bit more fragile than those at higher levels and may be inclined towards becoming ill or injured more often.

    • To Level:
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    • Level two is a settling-in phase; things - both between the bondeds and physically/magically - become a little more comfortable and a little less tense. More of the Keeper's personality may begin to shine through.
    • They have 2 power slots + 2 Keeper powers. They also gain the ability to summon a Sanctuary, a "pocket dimension" where Ognoshu can store belongings, rest/recuperate safely if out in the field, and so on.
    • Communication may come easier, and more often, from the Keeper's end. They may be sent on small errands, but will likely experience anxiety or frustration the first few times. It may be a good idea to let them perform the errand but have you close by in case they need comforting or encouragement. Level two Keepers can now be posted independently from their bonded.
    • The Ognoshu have gained a better understanding of their Keeper and the way that their mind works. This means they can now gauge their status over a moderate distance, and may be able to hide thoughts from the Keeper with greater ease than in the past. The Keeper may now reach their bonded over greater distances, up to a few miles, with relatively good "reception".
    • Level two Keepers are slightly hardier, they may frequently be ill or injured but these heal relatively quickly and tend to be minor.

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    • Level three is when things really take off for the bond; even if antagonistic or differing in personality, there is usually affection from the Keeper at the very least. They often become more willing to assist or look after their Ognoshu.
    • They have 3 power slots + 3 Keeper powers. They also gain the ability to place a magical tether at one location in Ognos, which they and their bonded can travel to almost instantly. For example, the Keeper could place their tether in their bonded's home and transport them back as-needed. They can also begin earning jewelry or armor to improve their/their bonded's results during quests and events.
    • The Keeper may feel more comfortable communicating with others, especially other Keepers, but may elect to do so verbally rather than telepathically. They may also be more open to physical affection than they had been previously, though they can become overstimulated quickly.
    • Ognoshu and Keeper can keep tabs on each other over vast differences, though most will remain no more than one hour apart from each other for safety or comfort preferences. The Keeper may venture out into the world alone more often, exploring their place and preferences.
    • Level three Keepers are rarely ill or injured, but when it does happen it tends to be more severe than previously. They do heal relatively quick, but things can seem rather touch-and-go at times.

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    • Level four is a period of deep introspection for most. Keepers tend to think more about who they are, what they are, and why they're here. They may be lost in thought often.
    • They have 4 power slots + 4 Keeper powers. They gain a new special appearance feature and may also teleport back out of their tethered area - but only to their original destination. For example, if you are exploring the Middles and find a treasure trove your Keeper could transport you back to your home in the South, store your belongings, and then transport you right back to that treasure trove to gather more.
    • Keepers are often comfortable speaking with and interacting with others and friendly/outgoing Keepers may be willing to accept being touched, carried, or handled by others.
    • Keepers may now teleport to their bonded's side in an instant, even over vast instances. While they will usually prefer to stay close, this does make things like returning to town to sell items more easy.
    • Level four Keepers are very resilient to injury and illness, and heal very quickly - often within as little as 72 hours.

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    • Level five is a period of contentment for most Keepers. They are comfortable and confident with who they are, feel at home in their form(s), and often have a healthy relationship with their bonded.
    • They have 5 power slots + 5 Keeper powers. They gain 2 new special appearance features OR a "backup" power and may teleport their Ognoshu and up to 2 additional pairs (Ognoshu + Keeper) to anywhere in Ognos that they have been before. They also receive a special gift from the admin for obtaining this level!
    • Level five Keepers are extremely hardy and difficult to kill or injure, they also do not become ill easily. All but the most serious of complications (ex: a divine illness) will heal within 24 - 48 hours.

What are pets?

  • Pets are ordinary animals that can be from any animal species currently existing on Earth, including those not typically considered pets in real life. Occasionally, characters will earn unique animals, such as Kinship-only species or even mythical creatures, in exchange for completing quests, events, or jobs.
  • Pets can fulfill a wide variety of duties for their owners, including everything from being an ordinary pet (providing comfort and company at home) to a battle-trained assistant; pets can even perform duties similar to guide dogs, if you wanted. The relationship between the pet and the owner, and how skilled or unskilled it is, are entirely up to the player! It is generally considered good form to treat all pets with respect, and they are permitted to travel just about anywhere with their owners; that being said, there are a few establishments in Ognos, such as high end taverns, where non-Keepers would be expected to wait outside.
  • Pets can produce offspring, and some special companions can increase earnings or alter results during explorations and events!
  • Characters can have as many companion animals as they want! The only restriction is that only two companion animals with event-altering abilities - such as increased prizes from explorations - may used at a time.
  • Companions can be given or sold to your fellow player characters, with the terms of the trade arranged by the people involved and posted on the Updates board to make it official. If you would like to sell or trade your companion animal but don't have a buyer in mind, post on the Chat board! You can also sell your pets back to the Marketplace. A NPC vendor will put in an offer on your companion, which you can choose to negotiate over up to three times before accepting.

Animal Levels

  • Below Average/Wild.
    These animals are most commonly caught during events, quests, or explorations, but you can elect to purchase an animal of this quality at a 50% off discount from the listed price on the Marketplace. These animals can be either badly injured; severely ill; have phsyical or neurological differences which make them unappealing for breeding or require special care; or be completely wild/untamed (and therefor dangerous to most people). Animals of this level often have very low financial value, especially when compared to the cost of upkeep and care, and when breeding usually product below average offspring (and, rarely, average offspring).
    To Level:
    Complete 4 Prompts from the Database

  • Average.
    These animals are purchased from the Marketplace and/or earned through events, quests, or explorations. These animals are of average quality, meaning they're not bad but they're not amazing either. They are easier to train than below average animals, but usually don't have much of a "wow factor". Animals of this level often have moderate financial value and can usually be sold at a small profit. When breeding, they usually produce average offspring but can also occasionally produce below average or above average babies.
    To Level:
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  • Above Average.
    These animals can be earned through more labor-intensive events, quests, or explorations. They are above average in terms of looks, personality, intelligence, or trainability - they are basically "show quality". They are the sort of animal people would be proud to own and show off. Animals of this level often have great financial value and can usually be sold at a decent profit. When breeding, they usually produce average offspring but can also occasionally produce above average or even superb babies. They typically have a single feature which can assist their Ognoshu during events or quests, for example, adding extra funds to the exploration coinpurse.
    To Level:
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  • Superb.
    These animals are often earned during events/prize drops or through lucky/careful breeding. There's just something about them that screams quality, and more than that they often have a unique feature - such as extreme intelligence - that make them highly soughtafter. They are the sort of animal people brag about. Animals of this level often have extreme financial value and can usually be sold at a large profit. When breeding, they usually produce above average offspring but can also occasionally produce superb babies. They have a single feature or ability which can assist their Ognoshu during events or quests, for example, granting a new power during battle situations or using their special feature to track down an additional prize.
    To Level:
    Complete 6 Prompts from the Database

  • Mythic.
    These animals are exceedingly rare in Ognos and are most often earned during holidays, major in-game events, or for particularly amazing quest/post/etc. entries. They are often very unique in appearance; have strong (sometimes overpowering) personalities; and are wicked smart - almost on par with the average Ognoshu. They are so rare and valuable that people often try to hide their specialness in day-to-day activities or hire guards to protect them from being stolen. Animals of this level are invaluable and can usually be sold at a huge profit. When breeding, they usually produce superb babies. They typically have up to two features which can assist their Ognoshu during events or quests, but using them can also prompt unexpected - sometimes dangerous - results.

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