This page is an all around guide to the Taim!

What are Taim?

  • Taim is an Ognoshu word with a meaning close to "partner"; they are magical objects, usually weapons or tools, with "personality". While they don't speak, they are capable of moving on their own (coming when called, moving locations/"hide" when annoyed, etc.) and develop a close bond with their user.
  • Taim are often related to a character's "destiny". Of course, free will exists, so a character's Taim and their life path don't always coincide, leaving the Ognoshu to get a bit creative with their Taim's powers. For example, a Taim for a character with a cooking "destiny" may have a sharp cooking knife that sears on contact - something a spy, torturer, or warrior might also find handy.
  • Taim are usually discovered around a character's 10th birthday (another reason they don't always match with a character's future - who you are at 10 can be drastically different from who you are at 20!), but some people may find theirs early or later. Most Taim already exist in the world but only "come alive" for their user; for example, a family may have an heirloom dagger that suddenly attaches to their user after being ordinary for several generations.
  • Taim always have an alternate form, which can be anything from a smaller version (i.e. it shrinks down to the size of a charm you can wear on a necklace or bracelet, twist into a unique ring, etc.) or something entirely innocuous, like a warhammer that turns into fuzzy pink bunny slippers. They can change at will, though they do usually obey commands to switch. Usually...
  • Taim can be leveled up through level tasks or quests and events to introduce new powers, which are traditionally stronger than personal magics but must fit the "theme" of the object. The object must also be directly used to access their powers (ex: you could use the weapon by slashing through the air and inflicting harm on an opponent at a distance, but you couldn't leave the weapon in its sheath at home and still summon fireballs). Each level will also enhance the appearance of the Taim. A beautiful, ornate, and well-kept high-level Taim is a point of extreme pride for Ognoshu and in certain places would grant you a level of respect not dissimilar to that of a noble.
  • Characters over the age of ten can join with their Taim already discovered; they may also join without one if they wish, or have one that is broken, damaged, or lost. Characters under the age of ten will need to either purchase their Taim from the Marketplace or complete their Taim quest on the Catalysts board. All joined Taim will begin at level one.

Taim Levels

    • During this stage, your Taim will begin getting to know you, and the process may be a bit bumpy. Taim are usually quite mischevious, so they may disappear or reappear at inconvenient times/places, become dirty or damaged seemingly at random, or perform "pranks". They have a limited sentience but will usually feel quite "alien" to the user.
    • Even if it is an item of good or even fine quality, there is something just a little... dingy about it. It is lackluster and dull in color, and some may appear permanently damaged (ex: if it has an alternate form of a pillow, the pillow may always have a popped seam with stuffing falling out).

    • To Level:
      Complete 3 Prompts from the Database
    • You will likely feel more comfortable interacting with, and using, your Taim, but it will still be unpredictable. It often are easier to summon, but more difficult to put into their alternate form if they don't feel like cooperating. They may also "pop" out of their alternate form at random times.
    • Your Taim has developed a single, low-level effect, such as slightly boosting the power of a single Talent.
    • Your Taim looks a little ragged, but in that "well used/well loved" sort of way. You will have an easier time keeping it clean, and the colors have brightened marginally. Previously damaged parts are usually magically repaired, but the patches or repairs are often glaringly obvious.

    • To Level:
      Complete 3 Prompts from the Database
    • Your Taim will usually have a very distinct trait that becomes more and more obvious - for example, you might notice it vibrate with excitement when entering battle, or give off a feeling of deep contentment when being used to cook. It cooperates more often and is usually close at hand. It will find more enjoyment being in it's alternate form - so much so that you may have to shake, poke, or prod it into changing.
    • Your Taim has developed its very own power! It must be of the same "theme" as your "destiny" so you may need to be a little creative with how to use it.
    • Your Taim looks... better. It's easier to keep clean - often shedding dirt and debris easily, and has attractive patterns or colors. Repairs are now very subtle, so one would have to look closely to see where it was previously damaged.

    • To Level:
      Complete 3 Prompts from the Database
    • Your Taim has bonded fully with you, and you may find it radiating feelings of love or affection towards you - especially when handled. It may become "needy" requiring more frequent use, and can appear in your hand without being summoned if it feels it's being ignored or neglected. It may even make small animal-like sounds (like panting, barking, or purring)!
    • Your Taim has developed a second power! It must be of the same "theme" as your "destiny" so you may need to be a little creative with how to use it.
    • Your Taim appears to be of good quality. It is resistent to dirt, is bright and tasteful in hue and pattern, and can be proudly worn or shown off to most people. Any repairs previously done are now invisible, as if they were never damaged.

    • To Level:
      Complete 3 Prompts from the Database
    • Your Taim is well-trained and cooperates most - if not all - of the time. It is quickly and easily summoned, and eager to work with you at every opportunity. It is deeply in-tune with your thoughts and feelings, often channeling strong emotions into more powerful magic. You rarely need to speak your intentions or focus on them; your Taim will usually act without your conciously asking it to.
    • Your Taim has developed a third power! It must be of the same "theme" as your "destiny" so you may need to be a little creative with how to use it. They will also use their powers even without their owner's prompting, even going so far as to intervene in order to protect or comfort them.
    • Your Taim appears to be of very high quality. They are usually ornate, vibrant, and expensive-looking even in their alternate form. They are very hard to damage.

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