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What are Talents?

  • Talents are magical gifts which can be innately known; learned via training with an experienced user; or purchased through legal - or illegal - ways. Players may obtain new powers through level tasks; quest or event participation; or by buying them through the Marketplace. How these are explained/earned ICly is up to you! :)
  • All characters in Ognos will have an aura, which can be any color and have any texture (ex: fireworks, sparkles, etc.); most will also have a scent associated with it. An aura's scent and appearance is also direclty associated with their magic in most cases; ex: if your character has a bright green aura that smells of mint, people may see a flare of green and smell mint when the character's magic is in use.
  • Talents are currently put into fourteen categories/branches, and characters/players can freely mix and match Talents from any category.
  • Those who specialize in six or more powers from a specific category are considered Specialized; Specialized characters are in higher demand for work, more respected in society, and are generally considered to be stronger magically than a "jack of all trades". Specialized characters also unlock a special bonus power that lets them summon a single very powerful spirit related to their Specialized branch/es for a limited time. When not active, the spirit will live on their skin as an animated tattoo. This spirit can be a friend, advisor, guardian, or anything else you wish!
  • The fourteen categories/branches currently recognized on Kin are:
    • Animal Talents: are directly related to animals (including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish), either very specifically with a single type/species or more broadly.
    • Arthropod Talents: are directly related to arthropods (including insects, arachnids, and crustaceans) either focused or broadly.
    • Art Talents: relate to magics involving writing, drawing, painting, acting, music, etc.
    • Creation/Summoning Talents: involve creating or animating things like inanimate objects, including golems and dolls; or the act of summoning something from another place.
    • Culinary Talents: are those that directly relate to cooking, food production, or the senses, especially taste.
    • Dark Talents: are those that are taboo; these Talents are typically frowned upon and those who practice usually do so in secrecy.
    • Defensive Talents: are those related to defending someone or something. They protect from, or drive away, harm.
    • Elemental Talents: are those that are directly related to the elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or Spirit, either broadly or focused on a single element.
    • Healing Talents: treat illnesses and injuries, speed healing, ease pain, and restore strength.
    • Manipulation Talents: manipulate behaviors, mental states, feelings, etc. in themselves or others.
    • Necromancy Talents: are those that are directly related to death, dying, or the afterlife.
    • Plant Talents: relate to plants and the natural environment either broadly or specifically.
    • Offensive Talents: are those that cause harm to others. Also called war talents.
    • Support Talents: bolster allies and Keepers, making them braver, stronger, smarter, more resilient, or faster for a limited time.
    • Time/Energy/Space Talents: relate to the understanding or manipulation of time and energy; for example, Seers and Oracles are usually Specialized in this branch.
    • Miscellaneous Talents: don't fit into the above categories for one reason or another.

Talent Levels

    • Your character has unlocked a single power, which they may have limited to no control over. This means that their power may manifest when they least expect it, or not work when they try to use it, and that there may be some unpredictable results even when the magic does cooperate. They will need a lot of practice to become Specialized, that's for sure!
      • Current Rewards:
        Any power of B2000 value.
      • To Level:
        Complete 3 Prompts from the Database

    • Your character's control over their original power is now stronger, and it will be more likely to cooperate when they attempt to use it, however, it may still manifest when a character least expects it! They have unlocked a second power. Keep working hard!
      • Current Rewards:
        Any power of B2000 value.
        A randomly generated domesticated animal.
      • To Level:
        Complete 3 Prompts from the Database

    • Your character has done a lot of work with their magic and it's really starting to show! Their current skills will likely be easier to control and have also increased in strength! They have unlocked a new power; we highly recommend practicing with it before trying it in populated areas. If your character resides year-round in a specific area, he or she may have gained attention based on their new level!
      • Current Rewards:
        Any power of B2000 value.
        A single item from the database valued at B700 or below.
      • To Level:
        Complete 3 Prompts from the Database

    • Your character's current skills will be strong and easily controlled, though we do recommend that they continue working on mastering their new skill.
      • Current Rewards:
        Any power of B2000 value.
        A randomized item from the database valued at B700 or below.
      • To Level:
        Complete 3 Prompts from the Database

    • Your character's mastery over their starting powers has almost doubled in strength! Enemies faced during explorations and events will be more powerful!
      • Current Rewards:
        Any power of B2000 value.
        A single item of your choosing from the database valued at B900 or less.
      • To Level:
        Complete 3 Prompts from the Database

    • Your character is becoming quite famous and considered extremely powerful! During events, some enemies may flee without even trying to engage in battle with someone of your skill.
      • Current Rewards:
        Any power of any value.
        If they've selected 6 or more powers from the same category, they are now considered Specialized!

The Plagues

  • Paukup characters are widely feared and revered by others in Ognos, hated like the Ebani by most but unable to hide their true natures.
  • They are more prevalent than Yeul but fewer than Myeen and they rely more on social services and their unusual strengths to survive - they are the least likely to move up social & political ranks.
  • All Paukup were once Yeul, Myeen, or Ebani so their appearance as a canid and as a human may vary. Their appearances may also be influenced by their pauk.
  • Plagues are commonly related to mythical beings found on Earth, such as vampires, zombies, Japanese yokai, supernatural creatures, and even mythological animals like Pegasus - they can also be from player-created "races". They are very freeform in terms of skills/features, appearances, etc.
  • These days most Paukup inherit their plague from their parent; Paukup with "infectious" plagues (like vampirism) take medicine, wear magical devices, and/or have carefully regulated diets to control their urges and prevent them from passing on their plague through other means. Some ways "infectious" plagues can pass is through sexual contact, saliva, scratches, and lore-based means (like a vampire sucking blood).
  • They must meet with their Ampuni (caseworker), who makes sure they are taking their medicines and are a productive member of society. Ampuni can recommend Paukup be locked up in "rehabilitation centers" (prisons) if they are not doing what they should be. There are a number of rouge Paukup who refuse medication and reject Ampuni - they are considered very terrifying and dangerous outlaws and feature as the "boogey monster" in many children's tales.
    • Ampuni are assigned via lottery and anyone except for Royals may be given a Paukup to check in with, though people can also volunteer for the task or pursue it as a full-time career handling several Paukup. They receive a small monetary bonus and "the Crown's eternal gratitude" for their "service".

Talents Database

Submit/request new powers by posting on the Inbox board! Since many Talents could fit into numerous categories, we have not listed them below; you will need to let us know which category you are applying a purchased power to and why you feel it is applicable to that category on purchase. Not sure? Just pick "Miscellaneous"! :)

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