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This page will provide you with basic information about the world of Kinship, specifically its environment. To learn more about the society, visit the Society section of the Lexicon, and if you are interested in seeing how the known world is laid out, check out our map!
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The World

  • Our game is currently focused on the island continent of Ognos.
    While characters can come from, and know about, additional locations outside of Ognos, much of the world is still unexplored. Natives have a relatively isolated society so they have not learned much about what goes on the nearby mainland, called Kire; they have a general "you leave me alone, I leave you alone" understanding with nearby countries.

  • Ognos is split into five sections, which all have very different environments.
    These five sections are named for their location on the map: The North; The East; The South; The West; and The Middles. We'll expand more about their individual features in the next sections!

  • There are many areas in Ognos itself that are still unexplored!
    Due the inhospitable - and sometimes downright hostile - nature of many areas in Ognos, much of the land is still unexplored. Characters can expand their knowledge through explorations, events, and quests.

  • The world of Ognos is in a "steampunk" era, powered predominantly by magic.
    Ognoshu may have access to, or know about, things like indoor plumbing and electricity/magic to power a home. They have many magical tools that take the place of common Earth things, like a pot that can heat food (instead of a modern stove) or message stations, which allow characters to send a version of an email to someone. They do not have access to things cellphones or televisions, though! Recent magical/mechanical research has led to things like experimental weapons and unique transportation, however this is very much in early days (meaning they are usually very unstable and dangerous). Weapons are usually things like swords, bow & arrow, axes, etc. and martial arts are also very common.

The North

  • The North is predominantly a very hot and desert-like environment.
    It is frequently hit by droughts and most villages, towns, and even the big cities are located close to oases that they rely on for survival. Characters will often encounter animals commonly found in desert areas, and the landscape - often composed of large dunes - can be difficult to traverse without careful preparation

  • When the pauk hit, the North was not badly infected.
    The inhospitable land and the people's general distrust of outsiders prevented the spread of disease - much like the cold did in the South. Of course, no land was completely unscathed; the most common plagues in the North relate to wasting or withering (based off of creatures like ghouls, banshee, or vampires).

  • There is a creature in the sands!
    A massive creature slithers beneath the ever-shifting sands, but is it friend or foe? Characters should keep a close eye out when adventuring through this land - you never know when it might decide show up! This is a legendary event! Characters/players will help this ~mystery creature~ take form through in-game participation!

  • The people of the North typically have darker skin and light eyes.
    Most people are on the taller end of the spectrum and have more shapely/hourglass frames. Those with canid forms that are geared towards hotter areas, such as African Wild Dogs, dingoes, and Whippets, typically do best in this area, and many have adapted/developed builds more geared towards speed.

The East

  • The East is a hilly land that ranges greatly depending on which land it borders.
    To the north there are thriving, lush forests and to the south it moves into a more sparse, tundra-like environment. Most people live in the lowland hills, avoiding the higher mountain ranges along the coast - in part because of the weather, which ranges from idyllic to brutal at random intervals.

  • The pauk took its toll on the East.
    Unfortunately the clusters of populous areas made the spread of the pauk fairly quick, though there are also groups of locals who escaped with minimal infection (particularly those living closer to/on the mountains). The most common plagues in the East relate to violence or secrecy (based off of creatures like giants, trolls, and griffins).

  • There are beasts in the storms!
    Strange, white-coated creatures appear with violent storms; do they bring them, or are they merely harbingers? Characters should keep a close eye out when adventuring through this land - you never know when these creatures (and the storms) may appear! This is a legendary event! Characters/players will help these ~mystery creatures~ take form through in-game participation!

  • The people of the East tend to range in skin tone and eye color, but blue eyes are typically rare.
    Most people tend to have thicker, taller builds with good upper body strength from climbing for most of their daily lives. Canid forms that are geared towards middle-ground temperatures are often most comfortable here, such as Caucus shepherds, wolves, and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Many have adapted/developed builds more geared towards high stamina and a strong sense of smell.

The Middles

  • The Middles are predominantly bountiful meadows and lush grassland.
    This is a healthy and prosperous land, with many expansive farms and plump, healthy farm animals for food production. Danger is minimal here, and usually has to do with outlaws seeking to take what they haven't earned.

  • The Middles experienced the most upheaval during the pauk outbreak.
    The idyllic - almost utopian - state of the Middles at present belies a dark history. Due to the dense population and frequent travelers from far and wide, the pauk hit hard and spread fast. To prevent spread to the royal family and because of general superstitions/widespread hysteria, many infected, even those with innocuous or non-contagious pauk, were killed in truly terrible ways - many innocent, uninfected people were also slain due to the panic. To this day, many paukup avoid the area on principle - and because rumors state at least a few of the paukup hunting parties have refused to disband.

  • People from the Middles can have a range in skin tone, eye color, and height/build.
    The Middles is the "melting pot" of Ognos, where many people of all origins come for one reason or another; whether you're settling permanently to open your own business or farm or just passing through to sell your goods, you're sure to find something interesting! Native Middles residents will typically have canid forms that are more for good (or just unique) looks than hard work, with shapes like French Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terriers, and Poodles being most common.

The West

  • The West is a swampy land with numerous freshwater, salterwater, and brackish lakes dotting the landscape.
    It tends to be humid much of the year and ranges from almost tropical in the North to an almost temperate rainforest to the South. Due to the unstable and often water-soaked land beneath, most people reside in expansive treetop communities or stilt houses. Some elect to lead a nomadic lifestyle on boats, traversing the various rivers to make their living as either lone family groups or as communities of several ships.

  • The people of the West were the most accepting of paukup.
    Many of the paukup found themselves welcomed with open arms to the communities in the West, and many of the medicines used to keep the more dangerous plagues in check were actually developed here using herbs the nomadic peoples had been aware of for generations. There are also more full-time Ampuni in the West, usually people will have at least one family member who has volunteered. The warm, non-judgemental welcome in the West mean many Plagued people still live there. For native pauk, the most common ones relate to drowning or water (based off of creatures like kelpie, nymphs, and kappa).

  • Beware unknown waters!
    Mysterious, mischievous - and sometimes deadly - creatures are said to lurk in the more remote pools, ponds, and lakes. Characters should keep a close eye out when adventuring through this land - you never know when these creatures may appear! This is a legendary event! Characters/players will help these ~mystery creatures~ take form through in-game participation!

  • People from the West range in skin tone and eye color, but brown eyes are somewhat unusual.
    Most people tend to have more willowy builds with excellent balance due to being on the water or in trees for most (if not all) of their lives. Canid forms that are good in water are more common here, such as Grey Foxes, Golden Retrievers, and Spaniels.

The South

  • The South is a cold, heavily wooded domain.
    It tends to be snowy much of the year, especially towards the outer edges, and there are vast stretches where the sea itself has frozen and can be traversed - if one's brave (or stupid) enough to try. Life is dangerous and difficult here, but the people are extremely proud of their strength and resilience and many people come from other areas to test their mettle.

  • The South produced, in some opinions, the most dangerous pauk.
    Life is hard in the South even if you have everything going for you - being plagued only makes things more difficult, especially when you're alone. This pushed the paukup to new levels of violence and unpredictability as they fought tooth and nail just to survive. The most common pauk here relate to cannabilism/hunger and cold (based off of creatures like Bigfoot/yeti, Wendingo, and Yuki-onna).

  • Watch yourself on the dark ice!
    Ancient legends speak of creatures roaming over frozen water in the night, but are they boogeymen or genuine threat? Characters should keep a close eye out when adventuring through this land - you never know when these creatures may appear! This is a legendary event! Characters/players will help these ~mystery creatures~ take form through in-game participation!

  • People from the South typically have pale skin and dark eyes.
    They are typically short and have "thicker" builds to keep the cold at bay. Canind forms built for wintery climes are most common, such as Alaskan Malamutes, Arctic Wolves, and Arctic Foxes.

Plants & Animals

  • Kinship has many Earth animals - and some less expected ones.
    While animals and plants are typically similar to those found on Earth, and often live in the same type of environments, there are plants and animals that are unique to our world hidden amongst their more "normal" cousins; there are even mythological and extinct species of animals and plants residing here! We will introduce these other lifeforms randomly and add them to the lists below as they are found. Players are always welcome to submit their own creations at any time by posting on the Inbox board. Characters may also discover new plants, animals, and more by completing explorations.

  • Some animals and planets can randomly develop a pauk, which is sometimes contagious.
    "Monsters" are lifeforms that have become plagued in some way. Plagues can be caused by a number of factors, including but not limited to illnesses such as rabies; magical manipulation (intentional or otherwise, by humans or gods); and/or because of an Imbalance in the environment, such as those caused by natural disasters or human influence. Plagues can even cause some ordinary lifeforms to mutate! Monsters are hyper aggressive and will pursue prey for hours if not stopped; they will also kill for pleasure rather than to fulfill a need such as hunger. Some monsters will keep caches of live prey, corpses, and/or valuables in dens; braving such gruesome hideaways can bring great reward, but potential explorers may also find live young to contend with inside.

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