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In-Game Map!

Want to get the lay of the land? You've come to the right place! Below is a map of Kinship with landmarks - any icons can be hovered over and will provide you information such as the landmark's name and the name of the discoverer/founder and date of discovery (if applicable). Names followed by a * indicate a player's contribution (rather than a character's). Below this map is a second showing where the "state" borders are.

Explorers Wanted!

Want to make your mark? Send your character exploring and perhaps they will discover something like as a new landmark! If you do discover a new landmark, a new blue star will be added to the map at our earliest convenience! Green stars are also added, when requested, to mark the location of a Noble family's primary estate (second homes, summer homes, etc. are not listed). The canine shapes indicate the estate of a Ruling Class family, and the burst of purple in The Middles is the Capitol/primary residence of Royalty.


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