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Welcome Shamanite!

Shaman has been huge for me in so many ways, from helping me connect with some of the best writers I've ever met (thereby challenging me to grow and improve!) to showing me how to build an RPG that is fun, exciting, and persistent (they recently celebrated their 10th birthday!). These are just a few reasons why Shaman is considered out Mother Site, and as such, there are a few special perks Shamanites get for swinging by to visit including...
  • Special player quests and opportunities may relate to completing tasks or posts at Shaman; these will most often grant you bones, but sometimes items too!
  • Shamanites who purchase a Hop Loop from Shaman's store can visit Kinship either by posting on our boards* or by posting on Shaman's Other Worlds board
    • Shamanites can visit for up to one IC week and will need to purchase two Hop Loops on Shaman (one to visit, one to return). They will also need to sign the Vistors Log before posting. Visitors retain full "fairyness" in terms of magical skills, traits, familiars, wings, items, pets, etc. but may find themselves feeling a bit weaker than normal (maybe it's something in the air?!). We may be open to discussing "rogue" Shamanites who try to stay past their vistor's visas on a case-by-case basis and only in the context of a plot on either site.
    • If your character would like to stay permanently, they will become like any other Traveler and will need to go through the Joining board; they will lose their wings, become Ognoshu, their familiar (if coming with) will become a Keeper or Taim (your choice), and you must purchase or work to keep most traits or powers they have on Shaman. That being said, you will be able to have them retain up to two features (powers, traits, items, or pets) from Shaman for free, with approval from Kinship's owner/SPM and (if Shaman-specific) Shaman's admins.
    • Posting on Shaman's Other Worlds board will earn you doubloons and points on Shaman via their monthly posting turn-in feature!
  • Small nods to Shaman can be found throught the game in the form of special Shaman/fairy-themed events, festivals, local legends, newsworthy visitors, etc.
  • Please note that, regardless of the above, your Shaman characater cannot return to Shaman with any purchases, items, etc. from Kinship without prior written approval from Shaman admin! Aspelta & her team will have the final say in any Shaman-oriented things and will be contacted regarding any special requests and prior to Shaman-themed events, opportunities, etc.

Welcome back, Knellan!

Thank you so much for stopping by today to give Kinship a peek; regardless of whether you decide to stay or not, we hope you'll swing by our Discord to say hello and let us know how you've been! If you would like to bring your old Revelations character to Kinship, you are welcome to do so - we may request some minor changes (to fit with the new site) but we can go over that with you on a case-by-case basis. Revelations players will also start out with an additional 1,000b and one free level boost to be used at the time of their choosing, as thanks for giving us another chance.

Hold up! I want to know what happened back then!
Fennic/Signe here! As you know, I abruptly closed Revelations in 2017 for personal reasons. It understandably upset a number of people; I know that a lot of people loved Revelations as much as I did and the sudden closure was no doubt a major shock. I sincerely apologize for the manner in which Rev was closed, full stop, but I would like to provide some additional information which may make you feel more comfortable giving us another shot.

In 2015, my dad discovered a "weird lump" in his throat which was making swallowing difficult; he went in and found he had esophageal cancer. After numerous tests, we found out it was stage 3 and the prognosis was, statistically, not very good. In 2016, after chemo, radiation, and some seriously huge surgeries, we were told he was in remission, but then he began to have other problems in his digestive tract and in 2017 we were told the cancer was back. It was around this time we started to hear the word "terminal" and, in that dark and desperate time, I elected to close Revelations. As sad and difficult as it was to do, I know that there was no way I could have maintained the site in the manner it deserved with what was to come. Towards the end of August in 2018 dad's medical team attempted another major surgery (three surgeries in one) which, while not a cure, "might" have extended his time with us for another year or so. Unfortunately, they were ultimately unable to complete anything they set out to do as they found that the cancer had not only spread, but was now actively attacking numerous organs and structures inside his abdomen. He had only 3 months remaining, at best, they said, but he didn't make it that long. We lost him on October 6th, 2018, just one month after his 50th birthday. His passing, while not unexpected, was very sudden with him going from mostly fine to hallucinating and then ultimately passing away in less than 12 hours.

Since Revelations closed, I got a new job, moved into a new home, met my beautiful neice, got on some great new medication, bonded more closely with my family, got a dog - and lost my dad, husband's great-grandmother, and three pets. It's been two years of wild ups and downs, but I'm finally in a relatively good place and ready to move forward with this idea, and with owning a site again. If you have any questions, concerns, need old info from Rev, or would like to talk about anything, please reach out to me privately by email at or

Past Players!
The below OOC names & player-created character surnames are RESERVED until relinquished by their player. Relinquished names will be crossed out.

  • Alicia
    - Blackthorne
    - Parsons

  • Asa

  • Aspelta
    - Lazuli (now at Shaman!)
    - Oceanus
    - Wolf (now ADOPTABLE at Shaman!)

  • Bab
    - Croanoke
    - Fasan
    - Morningale
    - Sverre
    - Thistle
    - Thorne

  • Bri
    - Bellerose

  • Cali

  • Cas
    - Ellis

  • Chaz
    - Tripura

  • Clay
    - Ib Ghazi
    - Nachzehrer

  • Dirge
    - Fendaine

  • Edel
    - Dexipuros

  • Elvin
    - Gustafsson

  • Fennic (AKA Signe)
    - Destra (now on Shaman!)
    - Graves
    - Grix
    - Magnus
    - Moore
    - Mouse
    - RedSea (now on Shaman!)
    - Scide
    - Sunder

  • Jay
    - Cameron

  • Kacie
    - Brandt

  • Kate
    - Constantine
    - Ögmundsson

  • Mione
    - Ollivier
    - Perl

  • Newt
    - Anwen
    - Bronwen
    - Drok

  • Renny
    - Everjoy (now on Shaman!)
    - Lilitu
    - Stormwind

  • Rocket

  • Sara
    - Eldunari

  • Shadie
    - Ashmore
    - Englewood
    - Fitzpatrick

  • Sharpie
    - Duval
    - Kidd

  • Strells
    - Hart
    - Khalid

  • Tegan
    - D’estrella
    - Faraday

  • Tomska
    - Faure
    - Ilbert
    - Rossier
    - Stern
    - Ziv

  • Yuno
    - Blakely

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